Client Testimonials

Lynann D

Work-Life Balance Coaching.  She cares about giving the right tools to each person and assisting them with what they need.

Deaunna RE
I loved working with Coach Susan!
"Hello! I would like to highly recommend Coach Susan! She has the skills and heart to help you identify your life vision and articulate actionable plans to help you reach your goals!"

Lester E
Being a college educated professional and a former Naval Officer I did not expect to find myself unemployed. After trying to deal with this on my own, (unsuccessfully), I decided I needed a coach. After speaking with Susan just one time I knew she would be the coach for me. Working with Susan was a transformational experience. She helped me to set specific goals and pointed me toward a successful path (both professionally and personally.) 
Thank you Susan so much!!!!!"

Frank H
Life changing experience
Working with Susan was so profound, she organized my career and personal life, this has given me the confidence that I CAN move forward and get everything accomplished that I have on my plate.

Matt J
Susan provided for me coaching sessions when we were working together on a course and I would highly recommend her.

Kimberly S
I looked forward to each session like it was a gift!
"I was going through a divorce that wasn't expected on my took a toll on my self confidence and I truly believed caused me to have ptsd...Susan showed me how to redirect my thinking and helped me utilize my powers as a woman to realize that I have an opportunity to have a better life and future either alone or with another man, depending on what I chose...but that I have qualities that I can utilize to better my outlook and live a better life!"

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